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These are Love letters i received from people who I beleive really loved me once, or maybe they do or not even now..i dont know..but they touched me deeply in ways i cannot explain. I have ommited names to respect their privacy. I treasure them alot and want to share this "love" that came in various forms...and words..and sometimes verses... Letters may come and go... but, love doesnt come your way everyday...

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Friday, August 05, 2005

Bon Voyage My Dear...

Mon chère, mon Susan.

I know you are very busy with everything. Do not despair, I am always here whenever you need me. Although I cannot be there in person, which I have infact never been, I am always closest to your heart. Find strength to go on and try hard at everything, this comes to you naturally although you are not aware of it.

I would love to go on with the pep talk, what abates me from doing so is the sensation which burns my skin and bones through, just to hold you in my arms. The feeling of being loved and loved back that is troubling you at the moment is mutual to me as well. But we will find this love, give it a name, eyes to see, and ears to listen are free to choose as am I. Regardless of this, you will always my hand whenever you want to hold it. This, is my solemn promise to you and the binding that is forever ours.

Believe in yourself, and the world will believe in you. You are brave woman, Susan. A woman I love and would be honoured to be loved back by. Keep me posted if anything goes wrong and I will do all in my capability and valour, though very little- to aid you.
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These Roses red that blooms in our garden wept
The flora and aroma of this bed we make love on, left
To the claws of clutching frost and the morning dew
We say our goodbyes with kisses never felt, our Love's adieu

Basking in the sun, we felt it in our hearts
A little bud that blossomed to its full, its start
To leave so soon and promising our love anew;
and Winter Winds blew away our fruits, our love's adieu

O, the hands of the lord and the Weaver of time
I pray unto thee that Ye shalt show this love's prime
With kisses I blow this feeling due
In spring we shall flower again, until then our love's adieu

Be brave my love.

la tienne,
Your forbidden fruit, your sweetest


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I feel this is the most beautiful letter i have ever read.. its touched me a lot and when i was thinking whther writing a letter would be a good idea for my boyfriend, this has washed all those thoughts away.. thanks a ton.. this is truely inspiring


Saturday, August 06, 2005 12:12:00 AM  

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